Which London mayoral candidates backed Tower Hamlets election petitioners?

Anti-corruption campaigner Andy Erlam
Anti-corruption campaigner Andy Erlam

Tower Hamlets voters may wish to know which of the Labour and Conservative London mayoral candidates were helpful to the election petition case in Tower Hamlets which resulted in the dismissal of Lutfur Rahman as Tower Hamlets mayor.

The answer is easy – neither!

Sadiq Khan attended the chaotic mayoral election count in May 2013 seeing all the disorder and surely being aware of all the question marks about vote rigging.

Together with Rushanara Ali MP, he could not have failed to have been aware of the very serious concerns.

Sadiq Khan chose to ignore my request for a statement.

The petitioners also wrote to Zac Goldsmith asking for help. Again, we received no reply.

Leading from the back is easy. You see which way the wind is blowing and follow on. Absolutely useless!

When will we bring forth a new generation of politicians who lead from the front and are statesmen and stateswomen in the best sense of the words?

By turning a blind eye to suspected fraud, these candidates have lost my vote and possibly others.

By not giving support to the people of Tower Hamlets in their time of need, these candidates have lost support and now they want our votes!

Incidentally, 23 April marks the first anniversary of the damning judgement of commissioner Richard Mawrey QC in the election court.

What a pity that the Metropolitan police have sat on their hands despite the plea of the judge and failed to seriously investigate alleged criminal offences committed by many Rahman supporters, as well as financial fraud at the Town Hall, possibly involving fraud of hundreds of millions of pounds.

No wonder that senior police officers got a roasting at the recent council Overview and Scrutiny Committee which reportedly the new borough commander failed to attend.

Instead the Met have been harassing the petitioners, pursuing false allegations they must know to be malicious.

Why does the Metropolitan Police continue to protect the Rahmanites?

The good people of Tower Hamlets will know the reasons.  A major cover-up is in progress, but it will not succeed.

Highly professional independent investigators are currently gathering evidence of corruption that goes far beyond Tower Hamlets.

The truth will out eventually.

Andy Erlam
Lead Petitioner, Tower Hamlets Election Petition 2013/14
The End Met Police Corruption Party


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