Homeless cook up plans to raise housing deposits

Chefs at work at the supper club. Photograph: Meg Doherty
Chefs at work at the supper club. Photograph: Meg Doherty

Residents of a homeless hostel are launching a new supper club to raise money for housing deposits.

Fat Macy’s, a social enterprise, is hosting eight dinner dates at The Canvas Cafe, Hanbury Street, serving food cooked by residents of Hornsey YMCA. Profits from the events go into a fund to raise money for housing deposits for the chefs.

The social enterprise aims to help hostel residents who struggle to save money for independent living due to a bureaucratic benefit system, sanctions and the daily expenses of hostel living.

The supper club was launched by Meg Doherty after she ran cooking classes at the YMCA hostel.

Ms Doherty said: “It’s really tricky for people to get out of the hostel. People think of it as a year-long thing but people have been there for five or six years at a time.

To buy tickets for the Fat Macy’s x Canvas Cafe residency, go to edibleexperiences.com

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