Cycling fundraiser for group linked to ‘Jihadi John’ used East London Mosque hall

CAGE cycle fundraiser flyer East London Mosque
Setting off: Al-Ikhwaan cyclists outside East London Mosque. Photograph: Al-Ikhwaan Cycle Club

A Muslim cycle club used the premises of the East London Mosque for a fundraising event to support a group who has defended Islamic State terrorist ‘Jihadi John,’ the East End Citizen can reveal.

The Al-Ikhwaan Cycle Club met for a charity cycle inside the hall of the mosque centre on Whitechapel Road on 17 January, where they posed for photographs before setting off on their ride.

The event raised £14,000 for the lobby group CAGE, which in February last year called Mohammed Emwazi – also known as ‘Jihadi John’ – a “beautiful young man” and “extremely kind and gentle”. CAGE claim Emwazi turned to terrorism due to harassment by MI5.

The mosque and the attached London Muslim Centre complex – the biggest in Europe – were advertised on the cycle club’s event flyer as a meeting place, and photos and video on the club’s social media and website show cyclists inside the mosque and posing by the entrance.

However, the East London Mosque (ELM) said there was no formal booking for the cycle club to use the hall, and that it had been approved “erroneously” by a junior member of staff.

An ELM spokesman said: “The Al-Ikhwaan Cycle Club had no booking to use the East London Mosque’s premises.

“I understand they arranged to meet outside our building early on a Saturday morning, as advertised.

“A junior member of staff, acting on his own initiative, erroneously let them congregate briefly in our hall.”

When asked, the ELM spokesperson declined to say whether steps would be taken to avoid future mistakes, or to comment on whether raising funds for CAGE would be allowed under the mosque’s own anti-extremism guidelines.

Instead they replied: “The Al-Ikhwaan Cycle Club did not fundraise on the East London Mosque premises.”

The Al-Ikhwaan Cycle Club was unavailable for comment. A message on the club’s flyer reads: “CAGE have been under immense financial pressure. They are unable to continue unless we, the Ummah [global Muslim community], come together and support them.”

The flyer lists a £5 registration fee for the cycle, and a fundraising target of £75. A a later message on the club’s website says: “Alhamdulillah the City Ride for CAGE turned out to be an overwhelming success. 50 participants from around the country took part to raise funds for CAGE.”

CAGE cycle fundraiser flyer East London Mosque
Al-Ikhwaan cyclists inside East London Mosque

Funding suspended

CAGE is an advocacy group for people suspected or convicted of involvement in Al-Qaeda-style terrorism. This has included Emwazi, the late Al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki and convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, with all three listed as “case studies” on its website.

Funding for CAGE was suspended by the Joseph Rowntree Trust and the Roddick Foundation in March 2015 over CAGE’s links with Emwazi, who features in Islamic State videos murdering prisoners.

Tower Hamlets Council declined to comment on the incident, but a spokesman said: “Tower Hamlets Council has been working closely with the Home Office, police and community to deliver its Prevent project.

“The council developed guidance to help parents ensure their children are safe. This guidance brochure was produced in collaboration with police and was distributed in partnership with local mosques.

“It includes advice on recognising possible signs of extremism, useful contact details and a section advising parents on supporting their child to stay safe.”

CAGE cycle fundraiser flyer East London Mosque
‘in support of CAGE’: Al-Ikhwan Cycle Club flyer advertising the fundraiser

  1. Faysal on Tuesday 9 February 2016 at 12:26 am

    What the fuck is this shite? The imbecile who wrote this needs to be sent back to school.

    East London Mosque is a public place- a place of worship. The participants of the charity bike ride used the premises to pray the morning prayer before setting off on their challenge. Whilst there, some photos were taken which were shared online. ELM did not endorse, or were even aware of.
    We also used a Costa coffee shop to rest mid way through the ride- perhaps this ‘journalist’ can investigate how Costa is funding ISIS for next week’s exclusive.

  2. Rubina on Thursday 25 February 2016 at 10:42 am

    Yes! He perhaps used number 25 bus and walked on Whitechapel Road!! Said good morning to the bobby on the beat and shook hands with him!!! He LIVES in London for heavens sake!!!!


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