Police come ‘under attack’ in Shadwell after car is pulled over

Policeman dragged to the floor during scuffle in Shadwell
Aggressive: a policeman is dragged to the floor during clash. Photograph: Police Hour

Footage has emerged of police being forced to use CS spray when a group of men became “aggressive” after being pulled over.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by the Police Hour website and shows the group surrounding two policemen as they try to restrain two of the men in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets.

One officer was dragged to the ground during the scuffle but quickly got back to his feet.

A spokesperson for Met Police said: “Whilst officers were speaking with the driver, a large group of males began arguing with them.

“The males became more aggressive. Two police constables were treated for minor injuries.

“Four males were arrested on suspicion of various offences including assault on police, obstruction and Public Order Act offences.

“CS spray was deployed during the arrests.”

Twitter users reacted with disgust to the incident.

Kay tweeted: “I don’t understand why @metpoliceuk constantly sends unarmed officers into dangerous areas.”

Another user called the group’s actions “disgraceful”.

Police confirmed that enquiries into the incident are continuing.

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  1. dubi on Monday 8 August 2016 at 4:22 pm

    shadwell has the most bengali overcroded area. too many drugs and youth crimes.


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