Petition handed to Mayor John Biggs over Poplar HARCA parking fee hike

The unhappiness of a lot of residents is understandable
Challenge: Mayor John Biggs will meet with Poplar HARCA to stop the fees

Residents have petitioned Mayor John Biggs to intervene over a hike on their parking fees that will make them up to seven times more expensive.

People living in Poplar are facing plans by their social housing landlord Poplar HARCA to raise parking fees from less than £2 a week to £7 a week for tenants – and £15 for leaseholders and freeholders.

A number of residents have claimed they would no longer be available to afford to park outside their
own homes.

Around 200 people demonstrated outside the Town Hall on 26 March calling for Mayor Biggs to back them against the fee hike.

They carried signs with messages such as “No to unfair unjust parking
bay rise”.

The mayor reportedly promised to meet with Poplar HARCA to try and stop the changes,  which was received with cheers from the protesters.

He has previously said: “The lack of transparency and consultation on parking fees is something we must challenge. They have other options that don’t involve punishing residents.”

Poplar HARCA was unavailable for comment.


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