Rahman scandals rumble on

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Once more it has been left to citizens to try and bring some resolution and catharsis amid the fallout from the Tower Hamlets election scandal.

Two now hope to privately prosecute disgraced former mayor Lutfur Rahman after Scotland Yard dropped its probe into electoral fraud, saying there was insufficient evidence any criminal offences had been committed.

Residents are entitled to feel confused since the High Court had already found Mr Rahman guilty of electoral corruption. Four voters took legal action under the provisions of the Representation of the People Act to get things that far. Now one of them is again taking matters into her own hands.

The thresholds that detectives and crown prosecutors looking to bring charges must meet are different from those pertaining to civil law. But such subtleties have not stopped politicians in the opposition Independent Group, formed after the dissolution of Mr Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First party, from crowing about “smears and libel.” Brazenly, they allege the ex-mayor is the victim here.

At the same time, judge Peter Herbert is suing the Ministry of Justice for racial discrimination after it recommended he should be formally warned over his suggestion that a temporary ban on Mr Rahman running for public office was racist.

The sanction was imposed after a complaint was made claiming Mr Herbert breached rules that stipulate judges should refrain from political activity that could “compromise their impartiality.”

It seems the victim mentality knows no bounds.


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